Pushbullet is a simple way to receive notifications on your phone from Node-RED. There are some simple steps that you have to follow in order to this.

If you don’t have a Pushbullet account, create one for free and install the app on your phone. You will need to get a access token for your Node-RED, this is the easy part; just login on their website, click on Settings(on the left side) and then click on Create Access Token button

In Node-RED, click on the menu button from the top right corner then Manage pallete. You will have there two tabs: Nodes and Install. Click on Install and search for “node-red-node-pushbullet” and install it.

The next step is to configure Pushbullet. Place a output pushbullet node on your flow page and double-click it.

After you click the pencil button, Node-RED will ask you for a name (type whatever makes you happy) and API-key (paste the token provided by Pushbullet).

Now you have this window:

You will have to play a little bit with all this settings to learn what each of them do. Leaving it as in the image above is also ok.

From this moment on, whatever you send to this node (msg.payload) will be sent to your phone(and other pushbullet connected devices)


To test this, add a inject node as shown in the images below. Deploy the new nodes and you are ready to go! Click on the square button on the left to inject.

Inject node settings:


You can also inport all of the above directly to your Node-RED, click on Inport -> Clipboard and paste the code below

“id”: “ac2c927e.a98108”,
“type”: “pushbullet”,
“z”: “63e99162.2acd38”,
“config”: “3710a9fb.387d4e”,
“pushtype”: “note”,
“title”: “Notification from Node-RED”,
“chan”: “”,
“name”: “”,
“x”: 620,
“y”: 200,
“wires”: [] },
“id”: “cef2dab3.4c2d78”,
“type”: “inject”,
“z”: “63e99162.2acd38”,
“name”: “”,
“topic”: “Test!”,
“payload”: “hello from nodered!”,
“payloadType”: “str”,
“repeat”: “”,
“crontab”: “”,
“once”: false,
“onceDelay”: 0.1,
“x”: 280,
“y”: 200,
“wires”: [
] ] },
“id”: “3710a9fb.387d4e”,
“type”: “pushbullet-config”,
“z”: “”,
“name”: “my pushbullet”