In a world dominated by men, the smart vacuum cleaner is something that the women of this world will definitely like to have. Well, smart vacuum cleaners are better known as Roomba. It simply means the intelligent vacuum machine for domestic cleaning. Roomba vacuums are equipped with an artificial intelligence system called the “Social Path Network” which helps it to connect with the internet for doing the desired domestic cleaning operation (as per the required model capacity). When you start the internet connection, Roomba performs a self-check to see if it is connected to any internet source. If connected, it gets powered on, receives instructions from the social network and starts working on the designated area of your floor or your house.

The smart vacuum cleaner has three major types – ecovacs, i-vi and smart ecovacs. These four types of cleaning equipment have some features in common and some unique features. The basic feature of all ecovacs is that they require little maintenance and are energy efficient. All these three types of machines need little power source. Thus they do not get much power requirements and run well when operating for a longer period of time.

The most important feature in all the three types of the smart vacuum cleaner i.e. the i-vi and the alexa robot is its ability to interact with the users through its mobile app. Through this app, the owner can monitor the cleaning progress of his/her house, manage cleaning schedules and reminders and also measure the performance of his/her machine. Moreover, one can also share their reviews on the different models of i-vi and Alexa robots with other users. The owners can even post their photos on the official website and blogs on the social networking sites.

According to the studies conducted by IDC, a smart vacuum cleaner that runs on electric power will help the users to save energy consumption considerably. In fact, a considerable decline in the electrical bills can be seen after two years of the implementation of this robot based home automation system. If you think about the fact that the robot is intelligent and it does not have the tendency to get plugged on and off when you are not at home, you will definitely love the i-vi and Alexa robot based home automation system.

The iRobot home app of the robotic cleaning process makes use of a smartphone or tablet PC for accessing the sensor data. Thus, with the help of the smartphone or tablet PC, one can monitor the progress of the robot while at the same time; one can check out the visual display of the robot and this gives one a chance to train its sensors. The performance of the robotic cleaning process is enhanced to a great extent by using the iRobot home app. One can even teach the robot to perform a task according to the instructions given and this will help the robot to perform even difficult tasks with ease. Since the machine has an artificial intelligence, it is now easy to adjust the settings of the machine and one can easily adjust its speed and can also instruct the machine to clean any area on the basis of its understanding of the environment and its previous experience.

The iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners have gained popularity because of its unique features and advanced technology. As the sales of these robots are increasing day-by-day, the manufacturing units of iRobot are making sure that they provide the customer with the best cleaning process that is worth buying. These robots are programmed to clean every area of the house, which makes them perfect for the home environment. One can use the devices in order to prevent allergies and asthma attacks by eliminating all the dust, dirt, allergens, pollen and smoke particles from the indoor air. Thus, if you are considering buying one of the smart vacuum cleaners, then the iRobot home system will be perfect for you.