Scanning your network for devices is one of the simplest things to do.

Download Angry IP Scanner 2.21 . Newer versions are available on their site but you will need to have Java installed.

When the scanning is done, we’ll have to filter the results. We can do that in 3 easy steps:

  • Click on Options then Select ports. We know that Tasmota opens port 80 for configuration.
  • Click on Utils, Delete from list then Dead hosts. This will remove the IPs that do not respond to ping.
  • Click On Utils, Delete from list then Close ports. This will remove from the list the IPs that do not have port 80 open.

What you get now is a list of devices on your network that have port 80 open. One of them is the one you are looking for, open your favorite browser and type each IP address until you find the right one.