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If you didn’t change the firmware to Tasmota on your rf bridge, you should do that first.

Setting up MQTT server:

Open up your favorite browser and enter the IP address of your bridge. If you don’t know the IP address, here is how you can find it on your network.

Click on “Configuration”  then “Configure MQTT”. You can use our free MQTT server or you can use your own.

The settings are very simple :

  • Host:
  • Port: 1883
  • Client – leave it on default
  • User – leave it on default
  • Password – leave it on default
  • Topic – here is a little tricky – enter a unique id for your bridge, some random 20-30 characters should do the job. Find a random string here, use it without quotes.
  • Full Topic: %topic%/%prefix%/

Click save!

Here is my configuration, I use “rfbridge” for the topic just for demonstration.

Now let’s connect Node-RED and Sonoff RF Bridge. I assume that you have connected your Node-RED to MQTT from the earthquake post, check that out if you didn’t.

Add a MQTT input node and connect it to a debug node. The topic on the MQTT node should be rfbridge/tele/RESULT where rfbridge is that unique id that you entered above.

If your receive a RF signal it should appear in the debug window.

I have this cool RF remote that I use for testing.