1. Automatic Lighting

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of automatic lighting. All your hallways should have automated lights. It’s cheap, easy to install and saves you time!

Let’s brake it down a little: if it takes 3 seconds for you to flip the switch and you do this 4 times a day, this device will save you an 1.2 hours/light/year! To give you an idea, I have 4 automated lights from my bedroom to the outside of the house.

It might not seem much but it adds up!

2. Gate Automation

Not that cheap but it saves you more time!

How much?

Let’s see:

It takes you about one minute to open or close the gate. Every time you use the gate you lose 2 minutes. Maybe 2 times a day? Well, my friend, you are wasting 1 DAY/year just playing with your gate! Crazy, right?
You could be playing with your kids for one more day every year instead!

3. Robot Vacuum

I know, we all like vacuuming but in this day and age it really should be done by robots.

Your robotic slave will work for you every day while you’re away. You will gain time by letting it do your job but, in this case, you will also lose some for cleaning the robot.

Maybe it takes you 20 minutes per week to vacuum? Minus 5 minutes to clean the robot? Thats about 13 hours/year!

4. Pet care

I love my dog and if you have one I’m sure that you love him too!

Especially in the hot summer days dogs should have a constant source of water! I have used this product for about one year and I’m telling you..it’s awesome!

For about $33 you can get this automatic water bowl and just leave the garden hose connected when you are not using it.

Back to our subject, leaving aside 3 months of winter, it saves you time! Does it take you 5 minutes/day to get water for your dog? More like extra 22 hours a year to take him to the park!

Automating some of our daily tasks has become easier and cheaper so why not doing it? Don’t be scared to try new things and spend more time with your family!